Solaris Plus 360 Watt Hour Solar Generator

We recently updated the Solaris Plus 360WH Solar Generator to Version 2.0 and we are working with our suppliers to get the best pricing for the face panels and foam inserts.  Please be patient as we work to bring the new model to market.

The Shack-in-a-Box Solaris Plus Solar Generator includes a 30AH Bioenno Power LiFePO4 battery with a Buddipole POWERmini solar charge controller, both of which are housed in a rugged Pelican 1300 case. In addition to being a solar charge controller, the POWERmini also acts as a DC Power Management System, which provides system monitoring through a real time reporting system that indicates the solar panel and battery voltages, the load current and solar panel current, as well as the amount of energy used by the battery and the amount of energy that has been replenished by the solar panel.

Two Anderson PowerPole outlets provide easy access to power and a separate charging input allows for charging via the included A/C charger. Solar panel input is through a two pin CNLINKO connector.

Plus Shipping and Handling

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