Hand-Crafted Amateur Radio and EmComm
Go Boxes and Solaris Solar Generators

An amateur radio communications go box

Take Your Radios into the Field!

No matter what the emergency, the ability to communicate is a vital component to keeping yourself and your family safe, secure, and resilient.

Whether you are interested in public service and disaster communications or you simply like to get out into the field to operate, easy, safe, and rapid deployment of your equipment is the bottom line.  Shack-in-a-Box amateur radio go boxes have been used in a great number of portable operations, from ARRL Field Day, EmComm disaster relief, public service events, WWFF/KFF park activations, island activations, Boy and Girl Scout merit badge weekends, talk to Santa Claus events, lighthouse activations, and DXpeditions.  Each of these activities are a fantastic way to have a lot of fun while sharpening your emergency set-up and operating skills!

Shack-in-a-Box amateur radio and EmComm go kits, and Solaris solar generators are hand-built in Florida and feature Icom, Yaesu, and/or Kenwood radios enclosed high-quality Gator rotomolded rackmount cases, Nanuk Cases, or Pelican cases.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about availability and pricing.  You may also call us at (386) 414-0788.

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We custom-build our amateur radio and EmComm communications go boxes, battery boxes, and Solaris solar generators with high-quality electronic products from Icom, LDG, Buddipole, Messi and Paoloni Coax, Powerwerx, Paradan Radio, and Astron. Our kits are built into Gator, Nanuk, and Pelican Cases ,and we only use Messi and Paoloni coax cables and for the very best RF performance.

Some of our radio go boxes can be optionally fitted with LiFePO4 batteries from Bioenno Power.  Bioenno also makes excellent solar panels, and we can include those in your build, as well.  Other solar power options are the foldable solar collectors made by PowerFilm Solar.

Each radio go box, custom rear I/O panel, and Solaris solar generator is crafted with loving attention to detail by the folks that bring you the HamRadio.World YouTube channel.  Your Shack-in-a-Box go box should bring years of enjoyment both at home and in the field.


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