We Now Offer Consulting Services

We receive numerous phone calls and emails each month asking us to consult with people about designing and building their own go boxes.  Shack-in-a-Box is pleased to announce that we now offer access to our extensive knowledge and experience through our telephone consulting services for just $250.00 per hour!  Consulting is by appointment and currently only offered over the telephone.

Book your Shack-in-a-Box go box conssulting session by contacting us through our contact form and letting us know that you wish to book a consulting session.

Nanuk, Gator, and Pelican Cases

Many radio amateurs wish to build their own go boxes, so we are compiling a list of links to the components that we have used to build our boxes that you can use to help you plan your own go box build.

Many of these links are Amazon Affiliate links.  What this means is that when you click on the item and purchase it, we make a small commission from Amazon.  The price you pay is the same, but we make a little bit for the time and effort that it took to compile this list for you.

We are also authorized dealers for Bioenno Power batteries and solar power products.  You will be able to purchase your Bioenno Power products through us and have them drop shipped directly to your address.

Rack Shelves and Face Panels

Connectors, Cables, and Parts