HF1-7300 Go Box with IC-7300

The Shack-in-a-Box model HF1-7300 Rapidly-Deployable HF Go Box includes an Icom IC-7300 transceiver, LDG Z-100A autotuner (different from the one in the photographs), and Icom IC-35 Speaker. Everything is housed in a rugged Gator Pro 3 Rack Unit Roto-Molded case.  This go box is perfect for those who want to protect their gear out in the field, in their RV or vehicle, or in the shack at home!  

As with all of our radio go boxes, we use top quality Messi and Paoloni Hyperflex 5 coax cable and Messi and Paoloni's proprietary male UHF connectors.  The rear I/O panel features a single, FUSED, Anderson Powerpole connector for power input, a female UHF pass through for easy connection of your antenna, and a 1/4" stainless steel common grounding point with an easy to use wing nut for connecting your ground to your go box.  The radio and tuner are each individually grounded to the common ground point on the rear I/O panel.  Our crimp connectors are marine grade with heatshrink and embedded glue so the connections are secure.

At Shack-in-a-Box, we design our products to provide years of use and enjoyment, and we utilize a minimalist approach to what we include in our builds.  While it might be cool to have your callsign light up in a rack panel or to have a bottle opener on the rear panel, do you really need to have that?  You can rest assured that we include no unnessecary bells and whistles that will draw down your precious battery power in the field or break at the most inopportune of times!

One thing that most radio amateurs do need in a radio go box is a way to connect their transceiver to their computer.  With that in mind, we include  a shielded Tripp Lite USB connector in the HF1-7300 go box.  This is already connected to the Icom IC-7300 and secured into the go box with a zip tie to provide strain relief. 

Weight - 32 lbs.
Dimensions - 22.5"W X 17"D X 8.06"H 


Price - $3,329.00

Price with MARS Modification - $3,379.00

The orange battery box (which we no longer offer) is shown in the photos below for illustrative purposes only, and is not included with the HF1-7300 Go Box.

Please contact us to inquire about how to order.


Shack-in-a-Box is pleased to offer factory extended warranties on the Icom radios we include in our go boxes.  Click HERE to learn more!