HF/VHF/UHF All-in-One Shack-in-a-Box (Yaesu)

The Yaesu version of the Shack-in-a-Box HF/VHF/UHF All-in-One Shack-in-a-Box provides coverage from 160 meters through 70 centimeters in an easy-to-carry Gator Pro 4 Rack Unit Shallow Roto Molded Case.  It makes a nice addition to your ham shack and is easy to deploy in the field, as well.

Yaesu's FT-991A and FTM-400XDR radios sit side-by-side on the bottom shelf, while an LDG Z-100 autotuner and two Poly Planar MB21 speakers are mounted to the top shelf.  The rear of the go box features a 1 rack unit panel that provides an HF antenna connection, two VHF/UHF antenna connections (one for the FT-991A and one for the FTM-400XDR), an Anderson PowerPole power input, and a common ground point.  We also include a six foot Tripp Lite RF-Shielded USB cable so you can easily connect your FT-991A to your computer.

Price - $3789.00

Plus Shipping and Handling

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