HF/VHF/UHF All-in-One Shack-in-a-Box (Yaesu)

The Yaesu version of the Shack-in-a-Box HF/VHF/UHF All-in-One Shack-in-a-Box provides coverage from 160 meters through 70 centimeters in an easy-to-carry Gator Pro 4 Rack Unit Shallow Roto Molded Case.  It makes a nice addition to your ham shack and is easy to deploy in the field, as well.

Yaesu's FT-991A and FTM-400XDR radios sit side-by-side on the bottom shelf, while an LDG Z-100 Plus autotuner and two Poly Planar MB21 speakers are mounted to the top shelf.  The rear of the go box features a 1 rack unit panel that provides an HF antenna connection, two VHF/UHF antenna connections (one for the FT-991A and one for the FTM-400XDR), an Anderson PowerPole power input, and a common ground point.  We also include a six foot Tripp Lite RF-Shielded USB cable so you can easily connect your FT-991A to your computer.

Yaesu radios come with a three-year factory warranty.


Price - $4,279.00

Price with MARS Modification - $4,359.00

Solaris Solar Generator and Solar Panel are shown in the photos below for illustrative purposes only and are not included in the price of the go box.  Each is sold separately.

Please contact us to inquire about how to order.