Icom Factory Extended Warranties

Extend your Icom radio's warranty by an additional one or two years! We are happy to announce that we are able to offer Icom factory extended warranties for the IC-7300, ID-4100A, and ID-5100A. Should you have a problem with your radio during the extended warranty period, your extended warranty would cover shipment of your radio to and from the factory and would cover all repairs that are needed to bring it back to health. This is a great, cost-effective way to protect the investment that you have made in your radios.

The one year extended warranty adds an additional year to the warranty that is included with your radio from the factory. This would make it so that you would have a two year warranty. The two year extended warranty adds an additional two years to the warranty that is included with your radio from the factory. This would make it so that you would have a three year warranty.

These extended factory warranty warranties are only available for new Icom radios that are purchased through Shack-in-a-Box and included in a go box, and must be purchased within 30 days of your original purchase of your radios. 

And, you can rest assured that if you ever get a phone call that says, "We have been trying to reach you about your radio's extended warranty", that call did not come from us!


IC-7300 One Year Extended Warrany – $109.95

ID-4100A One Year Extended Warrany – $62.95

ID-5100A One Year Extended Warrany – $62.95


IC-7300 Two Year Extended Warrany – $159.95

ID-4100A Two Year Extended Warrany – $92.95

ID-5100A Two Year Extended Warrany – $92.95


Terms and Conditions

The Optional Extended Warranty Program extends the original manufacturers limited warranty on Amateur Radio Product but not for attendant accessories (i.e., batteries, microphones, external speakers, chargers, etc.). The buyer selects a coverage period of one (1) or two (2) additional years. The limitations, exceptions, and exclusions of the original manufacturer’s warranty apply during the extension period.

The SHACK-IN-A-BOX Extended Warranty Program must be purchased within thirty (30) days of the date the eligible product(s) were purchased. Verification that the Extended Warranty Program was purchased, product purchase date and serial numbers may be required of Buyer.

The SHACK-IN-A-BOX Extended Warranty is only available on items purchased by the original buyer of such products.

Neither the benefits nor coverage of this program are assignable or transferable.

The SHACK-IN-A-BOX Extended Warranty Program is provided for Amateur Radio product, which fail as a result of defects in material or workmanship for the applicable extended warranty coverage period. In addition to the exclusions from coverage stated in original manufacturer’s warranty, the Extended warranty program does not cover:

a) new feature or function upgrades available as a result of advance in the state-of–the-art,
b) tuning, adjusting, or aligning of the transceiver unless required as a part of a covered repair,
c) separately contracted, dealer provided, add-on services (i.e., pickup and delivery, installation services, on-site service, etc.), or any other additional services of a dealer or third party.

SHACK-IN-A-BOX will cover ground transportation out-bound from our store or specified repair facility or any other authorized SHACK-IN-A-BOX Warranty Service Center or service agent for all repairs covered under the Extended Warranty Program. It is the responsibility of the warrantee to cover all in-bound costs for product evaluation during the SHACK-IN-A-BOX Extended Warranty period.

As a courtesy to our Extended Warranty Customers, SHACK-IN-A-BOX will attempt to improve the cosmetic appearance of all covered returns by cleaning the radio and replacing minor cosmetic parts during the Extended Warranty period.

Products covered by the SHACK-IN-A-BOX Extended Warranty Program may be returned to a factory warranty service center for repairs during the Extended Warranty period.  This period begins after the original manufacturers 1 year warranty has expired.

NOTE: All warranty claims are to be filed with the manufacturer during the first year. This is the typical period of warranty for Amateur Radio product. The SHACK-IN-A-BOX Extended Warranty program starts at the conclusion of the new product warranty period of typically 1 year.

All SHACK-IN-A-BOX Extended Warranty claims must be processed by SHACK-IN-A-BOX directly. Proof of Extended Warranty may be required and will be defined specifically via your Sales Receipt/Invoice on each product covered under the SHACK-IN-A-BOX Extended Warranty program.

You may direct questions concerning the SHACK-IN-A-BOX Extended Warranty program to us directly.