HF/VHF/UHF EmComm Go Box Build Videos

Hope (ND2L) shows how she and Grace (KE3G) intend to lay out the equipment in their latest HF Field Amateur Radio Go Box build. She shows the Icom IC-7300, Icom ID-4100, Icom SP-35 Speakers, and the LDG AT-100ProII Autotuner that will go into the kit.

Not shown is the Gator Roto Molded 4U rack case. It has not yet been delivered, so the girls are using an SKB Roto Molded case to help with placement of the equipment. We chose to go with the Gator case because it is a little larger than the SKB case and the build quality is MUCH better with the Gator Case.

Grace (KE3G) and Hope (ND2L) have marked the locations to drill the holes to mount the brackets for the Icom-7300 and Icom ID-4100 radios and it is time to start DRILLING! Take a couple of minutes to watch and see how holes are drilled, with girl style! As they were wrapping up, UPS drove up the street with the Messi and Paoloni Hyperflex 5 cable that they will use in the Go Kit.

In this video, Grace (KE3G) shows how the brackets for the Icom IC-7300 and Icom ID-4100 are attached to the Gator shallow rack shelf. Each Shack-in-a-Box amateur radio field or EmComm go box is lovingly crafted by the team from the HamRadio.World YouTube channel.

Each member of our team takes pride in every go box built and the quality is evident as soon as you remove your Shack-in-a-Box from its shipping box.  Whether you intend to use your Shack-in-a-Box for EmComm, public service events, or simply in the field for leisurely days in the park, it should provide years of service and fun.